New Hampshire's Five Season Farm

Beautiful New Hampshire Strawberries

Rossview Farm is open 

for the 2023 Strawberry Season

(Limited EARLY SEASON hours until more of the crop ripens)

Please call the farm phone for hours


To pick strawberries here at Rossview, we ask that you please:

1. Check in with our staff upon arrival.

2. Follow our protocol of washing your hands at our handwash station, and be healthy.

3. Use only berry picking boxes. (no containers from your kitchen)

4. FOOD SAFETY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME!  Do NOT Eat any berries while in the field (Eating gets saliva on your fingers and puts germs into our crop.)

5. ONLY BRING THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN THAT YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY KEEP AN EYE ON WHILE PICKING.  Do not let your minors roam around the berry patch or step on plants. This is our pride and joy!

6. Leave all of your pets at home (Service dogs are allowed on the premises, but they are not allowed in the designated area of food production, by law).


8. Have a smile and enjoy our hard work!

But a couple things first:

$3.75/lb. to PYO

Fresh Picked $9.00 per quart 

Picking Trays $2.00 each

📞 ** ALWAYS call the Farm Phone (603) 228-4872 before  

coming to the Farm to make sure we didn't have to change the hours. 

This is to save yourself a potentially wasted trip.

We welcome Payment in cash or

good check for more than $20 *ID required.
 No credit/debit are accepted. 

 As this is a working farm it is necessary

for you to leave your pets at home.  

Rossview is your 5-Season Farm.
🍓 🫐 🎃🌲🍁, and 🔥 Firewood too!