New Hampshire's Five Season Farm

"Beautiful New Hampshire Strawberries"

2020 Picking Season Food and Health Safety Guidelines

As we're at the mercy of Mother Nature,  it is best to ALWAYS

CALL THE FARM PHONE  to ensure the hours (603) 228-4872.

Understanding the below is lengthy, please do read before coming to the farm.  

We make sure all are safe by following Rossview Farm's rules for safe practices

Social Distancing

One-way traffic in the rows will be required

7:00a-9:30a Daily will be reserved for adults

please wait until after 9:30 to bring any minors

when arriving after 9:30, ONE CHILD AGE 13 OR UNDER PER ADULT IN THE PATCH,


babies in carriers or strollers are excluded from the 1:1 minor to adult ratio.

For example; two adults with two children under the age of 13, can

also bring a baby that's in a carrier or a stroller.


New containers are available and you are welcome to return with Rossview Farm containers

We will not be able to allow other household containers as we have in the past

Eating and Sampling

No sampling the berries. Zero tolerance!

 No outside food or drinks in the patch. Zero tolerance!



This guideline is in the interest of food safety.


Taking a bite of my berry, or your snack or drink,

can leave saliva on your hands. Then putting your hands back into

the crop to pick more can potentially spread germs.


We will require that you wash or sanitize hands 
before entering the fields,

and after exiting the fields before checking out

As many have asked questions and I am not always available to answer

I wanted to explain a few aspects of the farm guidelines. 

FDA considers Farm Dogs exempt from Food Safety laws

because they are (roughly) considered a piece of Farm Equipment.  

They are allowed to be wherever the Farmer sees fit for them to be.

FDA Law excludes Service Dogs from designated food production areas,

which takes precedent over ADA Law (2015) 

Farmers of Pick Your Own Operations designate

the parameters of the Food Production area (2015)

 Thank you for your cooperation and for respecting the rules during the Strawberry and upcoming other seasons at Rossview Farm. 

-Don Ross

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises

Thank you for your cooperation!

PYO $3.00/lb
Pre-Picked $7/qt.
Rhubarb $4/lb.
8qt picking trays $2.00/ea

Quart containers $0.20/ea​


 Rossview does not accept credit/debit at this time, 
so please leave the plastic at home. 

We accept cash or good personal checks for more than $10.00.