The 2019 Blueberry harvest has begun!

  We have an very abundant crop of large tasty blueberries,
on bushes that are pruned for easy picking!  

Rossview has several varieties of BLUEBERRIES that make for harvesting the fresh little globes of antioxidants
 through late August into September.

 Please call the Farm Phone to ensure our hours it is best to give the "Farm Phone" (603) 228-4872 a quick call to ensure of our hours of operation before making the journey out to the farm.

Prices are:
   $2.80 per pound to pick your own blueberries.  

Fresh-picked Pint: $4.00
Fresh-picked Quart: $7.00 

 We have bags available for you to pick into at no charge.

  Quart containers are available for $0.20 each.

  You may bring your own containers for picking.

 Rossview does not accept credit/debit at this time,

so please leave the plastic at home.
We accept cash or good personal checks for more than $10.00.

 We are growing food, therefore we do

not allow pets of any kind on the farm.

   ~ Don Ross


New Hampshire's Five Season Farm