The 2021 Blueberry harvest is underway!

We have a nice crop coming from healthy bushes!

These fresh little globes of antioxidants will be at
Rossview Farm for harvesting through late August


Taking the time to Read and Understand the below

is important for FOOD SAFETY! 
PLEASE, read before coming to the Farm. 

 The purpose of these Guidelines is to ensure the

Safety of the Crop, the Rossview team, and All of YOU!

 All visitors to the blueberry patch must wash their hands.

A wash station is provided here on the Farm.

 Absolutely no Eating in the patch!

If you put berries into your mouth, you are likely to get
saliva on your hands which then can be transferred
to the crop as you continue to pick berries.
Zero Tolerance.

 Social Distancing within the Blueberry Patch. 

Please keep your group together,
and not spread out throughout the patch.

Please Limit your group to only those that
are here to PICK blueberries. 

No Outside Containers.  We have bags to carry your
blueberries home that we provide for free!   

 Please call the Farm Phone
(603) 228-4872
before making the trip, as mother nature
may impact our scheduled hours. 

Prices are:
   $3.20 per pound to pick your own blueberries.  

Fresh-picked Pint: $5.00
Fresh-picked Quart: $8.00 

We supply bags for your blueberries at no charge.
        Green Produce containers are $0.25 each. 

 Rossview does not accept credit/debit at this time,

so please leave the plastic at home.
We accept cash or good personal checks for more than $10.00.

 We are growing food, therefore we do

not allow pets of any kind on the farm.

   ~ Don Ross

New Hampshire's Five Season Farm