Fresh NH maple syrup available here at the farm.

As fresh and local as it gets! 

Rossview makes some of the finest maple syrup from some of the healthiest Rock Maple trees.

Thanks to gravity, our sap flows through the lengths of tubing into the collection tanks and then is brought back to the sugar house and boiled down into syrup as soon as possible, the old fashioned way. No high tech equipment, just lead-free, food grade stainless steel.

The Rossview sugar house will be celebrating NH Maple Weekend with open doors on Saturday 24 March and Sunday 25 March from 9:30a until 4pm.

Just a low key event with fresh maple syrup to sample. See the equipment, and perhaps bring home some of the finest quality syrup around to enjoy as many ways as possible! 

Don't forget to wear your mud boots!
  We will be boiling on Saturday.  We will possibly be boiling on Sunday, weather permitting.
 As always, we are producing a food product and kindly ask that you leave your pets at home.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash and good personal check.

New Hampshire's Five Season Farm